Margherita Morris by Bella Pummarola

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We want to thank all of you for showing us so much interest in what we do.
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I would like to post below the article from a known fashion and lifestyle blogger to explain who we are and what we do!
Bella Pummarola ( check this out )
which is about our fashion brand Margherita Morris.
We are so grateful to you and to all those who believe in our work, will love to work with you again.
Read the post if you want to know more about us, we will love to answer your questions or curiosities!!

Vibrant Summer Fashion by Margherita Morris


Fashion is much more than the clothes we wear. It is the moments we create while wearing them, the way they make us feel and how they become part of who we are.

Margherita Morris, an Italian fashion brand celebrating traditional African fashion, holds the same belief. Their philosophy is that clothes have the power to positively affect how we feel. Just think about it: how many times have you felt like you could conquer the world after putting on the perfect dress or your favorite pair of stiletto heels!


The Margherita Morris brand, the brainchild of emerging fashion designer Margherita Brianti and Bruno Morris, director and visual merchandiser, is on a mission to redeem the beautiful things that Africa has to offer: the spirit, the lively colours and the beautiful Ankara fabric, a 100% cotton material with vibrant patterns, that is usually associated with Africa because of its tribal-like motifs.



The high quality fabrics used in the Margherita Morris collections come directly from Nigeria, paying a living wage to suppliers and merchants, which allows them to maintain their extended families. This way of doing business along with a winning social media marketing strategy was the key to growing the brand to what it is today.


Margherita Morris is not just another new fashion brand - it is a fair exchange. They provide their customers with beautifully made clothing and accessories and in turn they help the artisans and merchants along their supply chain and they also make giving back a priority by donating 20% of their profit to UNICEF to help educate children in less fortunate parts of the world. 



Margherita Morris clothing is ethically made.




Shop their collection of beautiful kimonos, exotic swimsuits, vibrant men's shirts and more, and add a fresh touch to your summer wardrobe! Margherita Morris apparel and accessories are the perfect balance between traditional African craftsmanship, Western fashion and Italian elegance - a beautiful mix that will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Margherita Morris motto is "Wear Your Dreams" which is an inspiration to be the best version of people...Wear your dreams!

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